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Lawn Care Services

You know a healthy lawn when you see it – smooth as silk, green as jade, and just begging for a few cartwheels or a round of bocce.

What we do

Most people often don’t realize the amount of maintenance required to keep a lawn looking beautiful. Although the main component is watering regularly during summer its also necessary to mow every 7-10 days, aerate in the spring and fall, fertilize every 6-8 weeks and have a weed control plan.

Other amendments such as lime can be used when the PH balance is not favourable for grass. Semper Viridis takes care of your lawn so you can sit back and enjoy it! We take the guess work out of lawn chemistry and will make sure your lawn is looking amazing for you and your guests!

Lawn Care services we provide:

  • Lawn mowing and line trimming
  • Edging
  • Aerating & Dethatching
  • Fertilizing
  • Over Seeding
  • PH testing
  • Lawn amendments

Whether its a residential, strata or commercial property we are ready to bring your property to its full potential. Working within your budget is always necessary but we will give suggestions if we can improve past what you currently have. Having said that, we will often give a free service of your choice from time to time with loyal clients!

After any mowing or line trimming, we will always blow any clippings off sidewalks, walk-ways, patio’s and driveways.