Spring & Fall Cleanups

Fall and spring yard clean-up is a pain. It can be strenuous and tedious work as well as working in inclement weather.

Hiring Semper Viridis will make the seasons pass as if they never even happened!

Leaving leaves on any lawn will quickly destroy it by holding in moisture and breeding tree borne diseases that will circulate back into the tree and affect it again the following season. Not only that leaves will also smother the grass while not allowing moisture to evaporate leaving you with a swampy mess!

Removing leaves simply improves your lawn’s health and looks much better in the back of a Semper Viridis truck than on your yard.

Lawn mowing by Semper Viridis

Spring Yard Cleanups

Your spring yard clean-up includes: A full blowout of all beds, hedges and corners, power raking (to reduce excess thatch), a first mow and trim of the season to keep things looking sharp, and complete debris clean-up—because hey—it should look great! You can also add on lawn aeration (to keep your lawn from compacting and to improve water absorption), spring-fomulated fertilizer (to give your grass the nutrients it needs) and bag removal.

Fall Yard Cleanups

Your fall yard clean-up includes: Remocal of annuals, leaf collection, winterization of your flower beds, final grass cutting of the year, and bagging of yard waste. By removing leaves and debris, your grass will come back faster in the spring. Adding a final lawn aeration and slow release fertilizer will ensure an even faster start in the spring!

We recommend in all applications whether Residential, Strata or Commercial that your yard be cleaned up frequently during Fall to avoid any problems with your lawn.