Lawn Mowing

Your lawn mowing will be finished before you get home from work so you can start spending your free time on the activities you really want to do

You know a healthy lawn when you see it – smooth as silk, green as jade, and just begging for a few cartwheels or a round of bocce.

There is a distinctive aura to a freshly-mowed lawn that can appeal to both the homeowner and those who visit/pass by the property, especially if that lawn is lush/thick and a healthy green shade. The symmetrical pattern of the cut lines and smooth tops of the grass blades create an impressive aesthetic and also reflect the effort invested in maintaining the lawn.

For Vancouver Island residents who want their lawn to look well-kept and appealing but might not have the time or the inclination to maintain it on their own, Semper Viridis Property Maintenance offers a range of regularly-scheduled lawn care programs to support and satisfy the needs of these discriminating homeowners.

Our clients enjoy returning home to the smell of freshly cut grass, instead of an unruly yard that requires you to get out the lawnmower at the end of your busy day. Time is so important these days, making it almost impossible to keep up with the grass cutting that is required to have great looking, healthy turf. When you get weekly grass cutting services from Semper Viridis, you will appreciate your great looking property, and enjoy more time to relax.

Lawn mowing by Semper Viridis

What Lawn Cutting services do you offer?

We provide basic lawn cutting, full maintenance packages, and specially tailored programs to meet your varied needs and make sure your property is well-maintained.

How often should my lawn be mowed?

We will schedule our work at your convenience and ensure the work is done on time and efficiently. We will visit once a week for grass cutting to keep your yard in excellent condition. Grass can become pale and yellow unless it is allowed to grow properly, so it is best to avoid cutting it too short or letting it become too tall. The rule of thumb for healthy grass is not to cut more than one-third of the blade.

Will You Trim the Weeds?

Yes, our lawn mowing service includes using a weed wacker or string trimmer to cut grass and weeds on the walkway, sidewalks, and driveway. Our crews will use these tools carefully to avoid accidentally damaging the rest of the lawn.

Get the look and curb appeal that you want, delivered on a reliable and recurring schedule and at an affordable cost.