Lawn Fertilizing

Fertilizer is an important part of your lawn care. Applied properly and at the appropriate times, fertilizer will stimulate and maintain growth and color resulting in a thicker lawn

Fertilizer also helps to encourage deep roots and strong blades making the lawn disease and weed resistant.

Fertilizer, in one form or another, has been used by humans as far back as Ancient Egypt to boost plant health and growth. Fertilizers add minerals, biosolids, and organic elements to the soil which provides extra nourishment to plants. Some fertilizers even boost the water retention of soil. This helps keep landscapes a beautiful green – even in periods of low rain.

At Semper Viridis Property Maintenance we offer three types of fertilizer treatment programs; liquid, slow release, and organic. Each service is performed by trained technicians and performed in scheduled treatments so that your lawn gets the most out the fertilizer. Each of these treatments are done in four applications spaced at 5-6 weeks. We are happy to discuss each of these services with you so that you get exactly the results you want in a way that is best for you and your lawn.

Fertilizing by Semper Viridis

Our liquid treatment is a process applied via hose. The liquid is a great cost-effective option whose process also helps control weeds. Our granular fertilizer is slow release, which means your lawn stays greener for longer. We are also happy to provide an organic treatment for environmentally minded customers. Our organic treatment uses natural compounds in the process, and even provides a few extra nutrients in the process.

Our lawn fertilizer program is designed to stimulate lush growth and give healthy colour to your lawn. Our technicians work on scheduled intervals during the growing season to insure the development of deep roots and strong blades of grass. Applied correctly, a fertilizer program helps make grass disease resistant and much less prone to weeds.

Have the best looking lawn on the block and be the envy of your neighbours!