Lawn Dethatching

Power raking or dethatching your lawn is part of a regular lawn care program and even more necessary if you’re leaving your grass clippings on the lawn to decompose.

A regular aerating and de-thatching program completed once or twice per year is an essential part of growing healthy, good looking grass.

Power Raking is done to remove dead grass and excess thatch from the lawn. This is done in the spring prior to new growth. The service involves power raking by machine, hand raking and bagging of clippings, followed by a high cut to collect excess clippings and groom your lawn. Power raking is the equivalent of a good scrubbing, breaking apart the detritus build up to revitalize your lawn season after season.

Semper Viridis Property Maintenance technicians arrive on site with power rakes that would appear to most as a motorized lawnmower. Unlike a lawnmower, a power rake’s blades are vertically oriented, not horizontal. This allows power rake’s to thresh dead grass instead of cutting it. With dead grass pulled up, younger blades have more room and nutrients to grow. Once finished power raking, technicians use rakes to gather up and bag clippings, then mow your lawn and collect those clippings as well, leaving your lawn looking and crisp and fresh.

Lawn dethatching by Semper Viridis

Though it seems simple, power raking is a labour intensive process that most people realistically do not have time or skill for. However, its benefits to your lawn are great and make it more pleasing to the eye. Let us take care of it for you, and make a good investment in your lawn’s health and appearance.

Power raking should be done right at the beginning of the spring growing season, prior to new growth. Contact us today to book a session or plan for next year.